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Mi tecnología

La tecnología es una herramienta poderosa para involucrar y empoderar a nuestros estudiantes. Con la aprobación del Bono DPS de 2016 y Mill Levy, nos hemos embarcado en una iniciativa para cambiar las escuelas en los grados 6-12 a un dispositivo informático individual que los estudiantes podrán llevar a casa.


MyTech fue diseñado basándose en investigaciones que indican que los resultados de los estudiantes mejoran cuando la implementación individualizada se planifica y ejecuta cuidadosamente. Las escuelas participantes reciben fondos de bonos adicionales, así como otros apoyos del distrito.

Qué implica el programa

  • Todas las escuelas de DPS reciben $100 por alumno para tecnología en el aula.

  • Las escuelas que han sido seleccionadas para MyTech reciben Chromebooks individuales para sus estudiantes utilizando fondos de bonos adicionales, lo que eleva la inversión total por estudiante a más de $300.

  • El equipo de MyTech seleccionó, compró y distribuyó Chromebooks, y las escuelas desarrollaron su propio plan para implementar estos dispositivos entre los estudiantes.

  • Entrenador digital: las escuelas MyTech reciben un entrenador digital a tiempo parcial. Estos entrenadores digitales se contratan, se capacitan de manera centralizada y luego se asignan a cada escuela para ayudar a los maestros a integrar la tecnología en sus aulas para aprovechar al máximo los dispositivos de los estudiantes. La escuela utiliza este puesto de medio tiempo como apoyo a su plan de desarrollo profesional.

  • Las escuelas participantes también reciben apoyo del distrito en muchos aspectos de una implementación individualizada, incluido el seguimiento de activos, las comunicaciones entre padres y estudiantes, los acuerdos entre padres y estudiantes, la planificación inicial y los recursos para desarrollar una cultura de ciudadanía digital.

How Schools Were Selected

​Schools serving students in grades 6-12 were invited to apply online. After scoring the initial application, select schools were asked to participate in a deeper planning process with assistance from the DPS Educational Technology team, DPS Department of Technology and other central resources to help schools with a successful one-to-one implementation. This included an intentional effort to align the implementation with the school’s vision as well as detailed planning around professional development, device deployment, digital citizenship and other culture development, community outreach and success monitoring.

MyTech FAQs

1. How were schools selected to participate? The responses to the initial application were scored by a selection committee. The scoring was reviewed with the Instructional Superintendents (IS). The IS had the ability to remove schools that they strongly believed were not ready for this program. We also looked across the schools to ensure they fairly represent the ethnic and socio-economic makeup of the district. While we do not have specific percentage requirements for free and reduced lunch (FRL) students, or students of color for individual schools, we do want to make sure the entire program is a fair representation of the ethnic and socio-economic composition of the district. The steering committee and district leaders reviewed the final list of schools selected to move forward. Schools were notified when they returned from 2016-17 winter break as to whether they were moving into the next selection round.

2. How are students using these devices outside of school if they do not have internet access at home? The bond funding does not support internet access outside of school, but we looked to community partners to identify options for providing this access. Through funding from the 1Million grant and supplemental sources, we have provided over 700 mobile hotspots to students who do not have home internet.

3. How are schools reporting their progress? Reporting measures focus on determining how teachers are using the technology in their classroom so we can see the impact of specific approaches on student outcomes.

4. What happened to all the devices we were already using in our school? Decisions about existing devices were made individually in partnership with each school. In some instances, legacy devices were transferred to other schools who need more equipment. These transfers happen over time, depending on how the school rolls out their MyTech devices. In other cases, it was appropriate to leave some devices in place to support specific programs in that school. The overall goal is to use district’s assets efficiently and cost-effectively and to ensure the students in the participating school don’t take any steps backward in terms of their learning environment.

5. Does the digital coach replace my school's technology representative (STR)? No, the digital coach role is funded centrally and is not intended to replace or support the STR. Their role is to work with teachers to effectively incorporate technology into lesson plans, assessments and student assignments.

6. Can students provide their own devices? Because this is a pilot program in which students take home devices, we established some common processes for device tracking and management. This does not include students using their own devices in the program. We are not ruling this out as an option, however, for the future of one-to-one initiatives in the district.

7. Are schools required to have a full-time employee dedicated to this program? A School Technology Representative (STR) is required at participating schools. This individual does not necessarily have to be full-time.

8. Are K-8 schools participating in this program? Yes, K-8 schools are participating. However, the program only applies to grades 6-8.

9. How will this program be sustained after the bond funding runs out? In addition to the $300 per student for hardware, an additional $150 per student is included in the funding to refresh and/or replace devices (as needed) during the three-year period. In the detailed planning phase of the selection process, schools were asked for their vision on how they might be able to fund refreshes/replacements after the three years are over.

10. Do all students receive their MyTech device in the first year of the program? No, not every student receives their device right away. The distribution and roll out of the program is up to the school. Schools may choose to roll it out by grade, by specific programs within the school, or any other method that supports their strategy. Defining the rollout plan was part of the planning process. All students in grades 6-12 should have a device, however, by the beginning of the 2019-20 academic year.

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