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Media Release: Denver Public Schools’ Celebrates Business Diversity with 9th Annual Reverse Trade Fair

For the 9th year in a row DPS’ Office of Business Diversity platforms small businesses from the Denver metropolitan area

Denver Public Schools’ (“DPS”) Office of Business Diversity (“OBD”) hosts a Reverse Trade Fair (“RTF”) yearly – to encourage and provide resources to small businesses across the Denver metropolitan area. While the event is open to all, OBD has a vested interest in elevating Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises – otherwise known as MWBEs.

The RTF platforms small businesses and is free of charge for interested vendors. Prime contractors and DPS stakeholders tour the fair and network with the participating vendors, giving them an opportunity to build meaningful connections. The event allows small vendors exposure to upcoming DPS projects and invites them into collaboration with other established professionals in the trade industry.

In 2020 Denver voters agreed to pass a $795 million dollar bond, providing DPS with the funds necessary to update and improve school buildings across Denver, as well as break ground on new builds. The OBD made a commitment to ensure 24% of the bond budget is allocated toward partnering with MWBE vendors on the contracts for these new construction projects. As of September 2023 they are on track to exceed their targeted 24% goal.

For more information on how DPS’ Office of Business Diversity meets equitable bond requirements visit DPS’ Business Diversity and Bond websites.


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