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Media Release: Denver Public Schools Pilots First Adaptive Playground for Students with Disabilities

Denver Public Schools partners with a design team led by elementary students at DCIS Fairmont

Denver Public Schools has partnered with a group of students on a new build project. Alongside the DPS Operations team, these venturesome students are preparing to break ground on an innovative design: an inclusive playground at their school. The students, ranging from first to fifth graders, are on the design team. They attend Denver Center for International School (DCIS), an ECE-fifth grade dual language immersion school in Denver’s Fairmont neighborhood.

The project will be funded with the $795 million dollar 2020 bond. After completion, the DCIS Fairmont playground will serve as a pilot project for similar playgrounds in the future.

“Inclusivity is at the heart of this student-designed playground. Without their passion, advocacy, and wonderfully thoughtful relationships with fellow classmates, this project would not be starting this summer,” said DPS Operations Project Manager Amy Sponsler. “When our team heard about this project, we really wanted to make it happen, as DPS is committed to creating high quality learning environments both inside and outside of classrooms.”

Eidos Architects, Lime Green Design, and Palace Construction are the external contractors hired for the job and have been more than willing to work with the young designers.

“Working in collaboration with DPS and DCIS Fairmont to create DPS’ first fully adaptive and inclusive play environments has been such an incredible and rewarding project to be a part of. Our team has learned a lot throughout this project and look forward to having the opportunity to create additional adaptive play spaces in the future,” said Eidos Project Architect Andrew Tschetter.

A groundbreaking ceremony later this spring will be open to the public. For more information on DPS bond projects please visit


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