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Group of students posing outside of the school

Air Conditioning
& Heat Mitigation

Estimated Completion Year: 2024

As of Sept. 1, 2023, all of the schools scheduled to receive their AC upgrades in 2023 have had their projects completed, bringing the total number of schools completed out of the bond package to 17. The remaining seven schools from the 2020 package will have their upgrades completed in 2024. Learn more about the composite ranking.

  • Carson [Mary G Carson Elementary School]

  • Cowell [Cowell Elementary School]

  • Ebert [Polaris elementary]

  • Jefferson [Thomas Jefferson High School]

  • Sabin [Sabin World Elementary School]

  • Stedman [Stedman Elementary School]

  • Steele [Steele Elementary School] 

Completed Projects

  • Ashley [Ashley Elementary School] 

  • Columbine [Columbine Elementary School]

  • Denison [Denison Montessori School]

  • Fairview [Fairview Elementary School]

  • Fallis [Denver Green School Southeast]

  • Force [Force Elementary School]

  • Grant [Grant Beacon Middle School]

  • Hallett [Hallett Academy]

  • Knapp [Knapp Elementary School]

  • Manual [Manual High School] 

  • Merrill [Merrill Middle School]

  • Rishel [KIPP Denver Collegiate High School] 

  • Smedley [Denver Montessori Junior/Senior High School and Denver Online High School]

  • Smiley [Mcauliffe International School]

  • Smith [Smith Elementary School]

  • Valverde [Valverde Elementary School]

  • West High School [West High School]

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