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2024 CPAC Dashboards

Projects for Committee Consideration

Over the last 24 months, DPS staff reviewed proposed projects that align with the Strategic Roadmap and Board policies. It was critical to ensure school leaders had a voice through the Master Planning effort and first-call (maintenance requests) responses. Other considered areas are the Sustainability Financial Impact Assessment, the district’s Capital Plan and Facilities Assessment Conditions, and the Strategic Regional Analysis.


The below dashboard is based on the district-proposed recommendation. The Community Planning Advisory Committee reviews, analyzes, proposes, and prioritizes projects based on the recommendations. The CPAC committee will decide what projects will be recommended to the Board of Education in August 2024. Review subcommittee projects to learn more about the proposed individual projects and what the committee is doing.

Enabling Conditions


Pursuit of Passion

Safe & Welcoming Environments Subcommittee

Dollars by Planning Region

To be consistent across the district, CPAC uses the 2023-24 Planning Regions to show where proposed projects are, along with the most up-to-date student count. The pie charts will be updated when the CPAC recommendation is released to the Board of Education in June.

*Charts do not include district-wide projects

*Charts do not include district-wide projects

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