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Equitable & Inclusive Contracting

In November 2014, Denver Public Schools’ Board of Education passed the Equitable and Inclusive Contracting Policy. The policy instructed DPS to increase the utilization of minority and women-owned businesses (MWBEs) in the district’s bond construction program and other construction-related services. Since then, DPS administration has led efforts to provide greater opportunities to diverse construction vendors, including the implementation of a goals program. The aspirational goal for all bond-funded construction-related projects was originally 24% participation of MWBE firms. DPS exceeded that goal within the first year of the program. As of June 2020, bond-funded construction-related projects had 31% utilization of MWBEs.

Business Diversity & Outreach Program

In support of this policy, our Business Diversity Outreach Program helps promote diversity in construction and related contracting for bond-funded capital improvement projects.


The program strives to ensure all businesses, especially those identified as underutilized MWBEs, are afforded a fair and equitable opportunity to provide their construction and construction-related services to the school district.


To learn more about our efforts and commitment to equity in contracting, please visit the following links:

How to Get Involved

Meet the Business Diversity Outreach Program team and learn more about how to do business with DPS:

2020 Bond MWBE Contractors
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