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Denver School
of the Arts

Location: 7039 E. 18th Ave., Denver, CO 80220



  • Alan Ford Architects (primary architect)

  • Semple Ford Architects (subcontractor)



  • Haselden construction (general contractor)

DSA Expansion: Academic Center

DPS bought 4 new buildings with bond premium dollars generated from the 2020 bond. The buildings were part of the old Johnson & Wales campus (now renamed ‘Mosaic Campus’ these buildings are all located on the west side of the campus. Other areas of the campus are owned by the Denver Housing Authority and the Urban Land Conservatory).


Buildings bought by DPS:

  1. Wildcat Center (gymnasium) 

  2. Aspen Hall

  3. Chapel

  4. Academic Center - This is the only building currently undergoing renovations


A lot of the renovations required are focused on bringing the building up to code for k-12 enrollment. It was previously a college, and college-aged requirements are much different than k-12 requirements.


Project scope for Academic Center: 

  • Life safety upgrades to change the building occupancy to an educational classification

  • 25 classrooms will be added with this renovation

  • a gender inclusive restroom

  • infill of lecture hall to create performance arts spaces

  • nursing suite

  • night entry and auditorium access

  • conversion of room 01A to an art gallery

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