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Apply to Join the 2024 Community Planning and Advisory Committee

Denver Public Schools is considering asking voters for tax funds to support a bond proposal in 2024. We want our community members to have a voice about where and how these funds would best serve current and future students.

What is CPAC?

The 2024 Community Planning and Advisory Committee (CPAC) plays a critical role in creating a bond package proposal that, if approved by the Denver Board of Education, will be presented to Denver voters in November 2024. The committee members will examine the needs of schools across the district and work together to prepare recommendations on air conditioning, building maintenance, and improving safety and technology, among other essential investments. We want to engage families within our DPS community in alignment with our strategic roadmap.

Who can apply?

The CPAC is composed of members from the DPS community, including parents/guardians, students, educators, and DPS alumni. We are seeking 60 members for the 2024 committee who will come to the table with diverse life experiences and professions. We’re intentionally seeking members who live in and represent different communities within Denver to ensure we meet every student's needs.

What is expected of committee members?

Attendance at 5 full CPAC meetings and 4-6 subcommittee meetings from January to June 2024. CPAC members are expected to come to the committee ready to collaborate and help DPS achieve our goal of ensuring Every Learner Thrives.

How do I apply?

Apply online! The application will remain open until November 17, 2023, and selections will be made by December 20, 2023. Please contact with any questions.


Soliciten formar parte del Comité de Planificación y Asesoría Comunitaria de 2024


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