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Media Release: Denver Public Schools Honors Contributors to the “Reimagine Montbello” Project with Commemorative Beam-Signing Ceremony

Denver Public Schools stakeholders gather to celebrate this milestone event in Montbello history

Montbello community members joined DPS leadership to take a moment to pause and reflect on the work that has gone into the district’s largest bond project to date, the reopening of Montbello High School as a comprehensive public high school. 

The 2020 bond has provided the funding for the redesign to the tune of $139.5 million. Phase 1 of construction began in June of 2022, and is expected to be completed in Fall of 2024.

“Reimagine Montbello will set the tone for the Far Northeast, and speaks for itself about what we are able to do when we work together,” says Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero. “The strength we have as a district is revealed when together we set our minds and our hearts on a shared goal. That goal is and always has been to put students first.”

Reimagine Montbello began to take shape in the Fall of 2020 with community support and buy-in from the beginning in the form of a Design Advisory Group: a committed group of 12 who oversaw the planning process, and the Representative Community Working Group: a group that held space for community input throughout the pre-planning stages and beyond. 

“We want to thank the Design Advisory Group and the Representative Community Working Group for their commitment to this comprehensive high school project, to thank them for their service in helping establish this new chapter for the Montbello community,” says Montello Principal Neisa Lynch.

The $139.5 million construction project is under the purview of contractors Adolfson & Peterson Construction and architects EUA and Eidos. 

Reimagine Montbello is funded by investments made in the 2020 bond. To learn more about the bond, visit our website


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