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Media Release: Denver Public Schools Selects 6 Community Planning and Advisory Committee Co-Chairs

The co-chairs will oversee the committee that is responsible for creating a potential 2024 bond package

DENVER - Denver Public Schools (DPS) has selected six co-chairs to oversee the Community Planning and Advisory Committee (CPAC). The CPAC is made up of 75 total members who together are responsible for creating a potential 2024 bond package proposal that, if approved by the Denver Board of Education, will be presented to Denver voters in November 2024.

Co-chairs were chosen by a DPS selection committee based on their commitment to equity, their background and experience with education and leadership. Together they will lead the CPAC through a series of meetings between January 2024 and May 2024. CPAC meetings will conclude with a presentation to the Board of Education on June 6, 2024.

The six CPAC co-chairs appointed to serve are: Hon. Albus Brooks, Mike Ferrufino, Kourtny Garrett, James Mejía, Simone D. Ross, and Mary Seawell. To learn more about their background and what external organizations they represent please review our biography page.

"We looked for leaders who believe in the transformative power of education, who uphold the value of accountability in their own lives and careers, and those who have a proclivity towards acts of collaboration. We searched for community-centric leaders, people who thrive on contributing to successful outcomes for their communities," said DPS Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero.

CPAC presentations will be available online following in-person meetings. For more information on CPAC, to access the full meeting schedule and to review CPAC presentations, please visit our bond website:


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