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Our Word is Our Bond, First Edition

An Introduction to Our Word is Our Bond

Our Word is Our Bond is an informational resource delivered to our DPS stakeholders, both internal and external, highlighting the efforts of our district to uphold the promises made during the most recent and relevant bond cycle(s).

In future editions of this newsletter you can expect status updates on our current bond construction projects, information on Mill Levy overrides and the ways in which they have benefitted our district, as well as details on our Bond Oversight Committee and how its members work to serve our district.

Bond News

Denver Public Schools celebrated the beginning of a new era at Montbello High School with a beam signing. The event marks a $139 million investment in the historic high school.

Current Montbello student, 10th grader Yaira Hernandez, was a featured guest speaker at the sunny morning celebration in Far Northeast Denver, "I've lived in Montbello since I was born, and I really feel that it is a big part of my culture." She went on to offer words of wisdom to her classmates, both present and future, "Accept change with open arms, rather than fearing it," she wrote on the beam, alongside district leadership, leaving her name and statement forever inscribed in history.

The investment will allow Montbello students to carry on the school’s historic legacy in a brand new, state-of-the art facility. Montbello students, staff and community members left their words of encouragement and gratitude on the beam.

Mill Levy News

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we are shining a light on the important work our mental health providers bring to our district each and every day. We have highlighted the positive outcomes of mental health programs in schools that were implemented in the Mill Levy Override, which passed in 2020.

Did you know that thanks to our Denver voters, we were able to add a new level of care? It was implemented in the fall of 2021 at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, and help came just in the nick of time because, in May of 2021, Colorado Children’s Hospital declared a state of emergency for pediatric mental health.

Mental health is tough, but we are tougher. Learn more about the ways DPS has risen to the challenge of creating therapeutic healing inside of our community, and find out more about the specific programs available in our schools.


What is "Bond and Mill Levy" Anyway?

Both a bond and a mill levy are types of funding drawn from property taxes to support public projects and services. A bond is a one-time capital investment in schools and classrooms. For example, bond funds may help renovate older schools to update them for 21st-century learning, build brand-new school buildings and buy additional educational technology. A bond can invest in building upgrades such as critical maintenance, sustainability or air conditioning.

A mill levy funds ongoing operational needs such as teacher salaries, software, school nurses and social-emotional supports. While a bond funds the physical building of schools and classrooms, the mill levy funds bring the classroom to life. For more information on funding please review our school funding 101 resources.

Everyone Has a Voice at DPS

The details surrounding bond and mill levy can often be confusing, and we hope to rectify that -- in part -- with the development and distribution of this newsletter. Transparency is our goal and we are working hard to make sure the Denver community knows that the promises we made are promises we have kept.

All of our stakeholders have an important role in advocating for the improvements we make in our school district and the lives we are able to change in doing so. We hope this newsletter will illuminate that and will be both a call to action and a word of encouragement.

Thank you,

Giorgia Alexander

Bond and Mill Levy Communications Specialist for DPS

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